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[05 Jan 2019|07:13pm]
writing sample: first person )
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[05 Jan 2019|07:10pm]
writing sample: first person )
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dropbox [22 Jul 2015|10:01am]

I'm well over 25 and I have a full-time job that does not allow me to RP at any point during my shift. I generally send tags every day or every other day, with my availability being evenings and weekends. I prefer lines that are heavy in threads and have little interest in commenting via in-character customs.

I do have discord, but I don't sign on very much, but I can if you poke me.

I prefer writing male characters and my favorite genre is medieval fantasy. At the moment, I don't want to join any multi-fandom games, but I'd love PSLs in the following fandoms: CASTLEVANIA, THE WITCHER, MERLIN (BBC), MCU. For a list of the characters I play, click here.

Continuing with PSLs, I'm always looking for lines in the medieval fantasy genre, so hit me up if you were wanting to plot. :]
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